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We have a qualified interior stylist, so we can assist people with interior/exterior colour selections, material and finishes selections for their renovations (of if they are renovating to sell), including such items as paint, tiles, carpet, kitchens, bathrooms, soft furnishings etc. We can also offer pre-sale consultations for anyone wishing to sell their property. This service will give you a comprehensive list of items that you should tend to prior to listing your home for sale, to enable you to maximise the sale price of your home.

We also provide property styling or home staging. Where we style/stage a home for sale to maximise the value. We hire our furniture and accessories to the client for a period of time. If their property is vacant we would use all of our furniture, however if the seller is living in the home while it is on the market we would style/stage using what we can of their existing furniture and bring in our own to compliment theirs. Let me know if you need spell about the benefits of property styling. There at statistics to show that professionally styled/stage homes sell faster and for a higher sale price.

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